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2 Samuel 7,18-29

David, trust in God


David Berceli is undoubtedly an exceptional man, the unusual kind of altruist. A world-famous specialist in the area of trauma intervention, certified bioenergetics therapist, disinterestedly helping people wherever there are wars, conflicts disasters and catastrophes. The discovery he made and passion he is devoted to in order to spread it, in my opinion, would deserve the Nobel Prize if there was not one question I want to tell about in the following text.

Berceli is the man of science and faith. His whole book, titled Trauma Releasing Exercises, is filled with the scientific exposition of his method, connected with getting rid of stress and trauma effects which method also has the same name as the book – TRE. Contrary to the main book concept, the author describes in the Introduction his own mystic and intimate way of discovering the method of recovery through tremors. What he describes there is a beautiful vision of the Creator, moulding human out of clay, which he experienced while praying in a small church in Ethiopia, where he was giving lectures.

Berceli’s book alone, shows vividly that there is some kind of perplexity between the author and his work. He, the man of deep faith, creates an atheistic work – TRE. The nature is separated from his experience of God. While fostering TRE as only a natural thing, he turns away from what he bears in heart himself – from love to God. Title cry from the Polish translation of the book "Trust in Your Body" does not mean "trust in God" anymore, and will be understood by many people as something contradictory to Him.

Of course, the logical question arises: what is the point of involving religious issues into natural mechanisms of the recovery processes? It seems that classifying TRE as a secular issue is the most rational decision. Unfortunately, Berceli made a mistake, associating TRE with Hindu yoga which is completely different system for Christians, his brothers in faith. This kind of association cast the method in a wrong light.


This is how it banally looks like but… "history repeats itself". Therefore, let us look at the issue in different way, through comparison of David to one of the biblical figures, to Saul of Tarsus, who then became St. Peter. This comparison will let us to see more vividly, what the problem is.

After the death of the first Christian deacon and martyr – St. Stephen, which Saul witnessed himself, he was "speeding up" with zealous hate for Christ’s disciples – we can read about it at the turn of the seventh and eighth chapter of the Acts. What led him to persecute early Christians was the false image of God. Only when he was dazzled by the light and "crushed" with the authentic image of God in Jesus on his way to Damascus, he understood his mistake. After that meeting his passion did not lose its strength. However its direction changed completely. He became the Apostle to the Nations and without his life’s work it is hard to imagine Christianity.

At the culminating point of meeting near Damascus, Jesus asks him: "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?". Saul could not answer, because he did not persecute Jesus but Christians. After all, Jesus did not expect him to answer but rather, through this question, he wanted to make Saul realise that he identifies himself with the disciples. He wanted to lighten the darkness in which Saul was stuck. Saul’s mistake was not placed in premises of his act since he was led by his love for God. The mistake was in Saul’s mind, in his idea of God. That moment was a breakthrough – a fanatically religious man was becoming a mystic.

Now, David seems to be mistaken just like Saul in the past. Berceli is passionately spreading natural therapeutic tremors, so the gift he has received from God, at the same time building TRE not on the basis of God’s mercy but on the basis of false, politically correct kindness. Separating Nature from God, so the creation from the Creator, he contributes to the secular image of world, against his own experience. Instead of being God’s messenger to heal humankind, he has paradoxically become the "persecutor" of His people.


The problem of the false image of Creator does not concern only David. This is the problem for all of us and is especially vivid today when, thanks to the internet, we are all living in a global village called Earth. Our image of god is ascribed only to religiousness. The world, divided into thousands of religious systems, forces us to treat God as a moral sphere or family and national heritage. God is locked by us in the dark walls of temples and ceases to be Creator or Lord of the whole Nature, as well as our individual fate. Instead, at the very best, he is the festive addition to life, but if worst comes to worst, he is the fanatic instigator. To people who are very religious it seems that peace will overcome the Earth after the only right religion dominates the other. Of course this only right religion is their own. Well, no. Peace will not overcome the Earth even if we consider all religions are considered as useless. Everyone is wrong for we think the problem is not where we think it is. Let me explain it shortly…

The eminent mystics are the roots of every religion. During their lives they are usually dangerous for religious systems. They are more eager to destroy and build new temples, instead of building them on or renovating. As being unpredictable and too radical, they rarely become living examples for the religious ones. Only after their death the work of their mystic lives is absorbed and digested by religiousness. It comes out that the true spiritual conflict between the East and the West does not exist, neither the conflict between Judaism, Christianity or Islam, as it appears to us. But there is a conflict between religious and mystical life. Indeed, mysticism and religiousness are complementary contradictions, but there is a significant disproportion between them. Most of people are religious and they "force themselves" to serve God and other people just like Saul, while in case of the mystics who are in minority, this is God who serves people through mystics, as through St. Paul. Humankind, just like a tree with fresh juices in spring, needs charismatic people, not only religious authorities, but, most of all, it needs eminent mystics.


Ethiopia, where David received his gift, is an undoubtedly exceptional country – after the story described in the eighth chapter of the Acts, it became the first Christian country in the world, famous also for its unique Ark cult as well as for Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, hewn by angels. However, Poland is not worse. Until WW2, Poland was home for the Jews. Only cemeteries are the remains of those times. One of those in Lelów is regularly visited by the Jews from all over the world in order to pray over the ohel of the mystic Hasidic movement founder who revived their faith.

As opposed to nations of the West of Europe, we, the Catholics in Poland are used to the constant presence of Jesus. The most beautiful example of this is the life of Sister Faustina, Blessed Father Michael Sopoćko and Pope Saint John Paul II, three saints without whom the Divine Mercy of Jesus cult would not spread in the world. We experience similar signs and miracles in our parishes as Jews in times of Jesus, however they are not always publicised by media.

Eucharistic Miracle of Sokółka, approved by the Church, during which the fragment of myocardium in agony was found in the communion dropped on the floor, destroys our peace. We can no longer escape from the truth that we, Christians are authentic Body and Blood of Christ which He himself gives us. This body, exhausted with our European culture which neglects physical development, contrary to Far East culture, promoting it for thousands years by those religions, is crying for help. This is the same body, exhausted with European science, denying the existence of Spirit and treating human body like biochemical machine. Non-Christians received their gifts as yoga, qi-gong and similar practices. The world does not claim for TRE method. It is David who must travel around the world and ask for its acceptance. It is because it is not the gift directly for the whole world. This is the gift for Christians since they are the Body of Christ, at the same time denying their physicality. To say it more psychologically, they have put it in the shadow of their selfhood and Eastern practices have become for them an element of psychological reaction called "witch-hunt", in this specific case the name is perfectly literal.


Taking a short cut in his kindness to heal the humankind, Berceli forgets that… God exists. God is alive. God-man. Envious God, awarding for childish trust and angry for ingratitude. David has not matured fully yet to be a mystic. Mystic is somebody who himself discovered the presence of God and who is in touch with him intimately. This is somebody who is eager to be led by God towards his own, unique mission, denying at the same time his own will. We would be wrong if we thought that a mystic knows God. No man and no religious system is able to know and own the one who is beyond understanding. Then, mystic is a person who is kindly allowed by God to be discovered only partially, according to His will. Mystics of Far East know that without enlightenment it is impossible to free oneself form mind’s illusion which tends to divide indivisible Unity. Western mystics do not accept that. On the other hand the first ones do not understand the second, since they do not understand God who is able to multiply this Unity. And where is the natural beauty of God, included in animism? Where is mathematical and cosmological admiration of the far God , included in Islam? Where is God’s wisdom of myths from various culture? Nobody is able to know the wholeness of God’s beauty and creation, which is the whole world.

As a mystic to whom God revealed healing mechanism of recovery through tremors, independently from David, I must add some few words about myself. I am not a scientist as Berceli, but an uneducated person who is fascinated with Nature and God. He has been leading my development trough spiritual paths of Far East and West for about 25 years. In my case, Body and Spirit did not divide as in David, but, contrary, united in one, natural and, simultaneously, mystic way. It appeared to me that it leads further than David has come. It leads to yet unknown mechanisms of recovery, sign of which we can find in Bible. However, alone, without any expert knowledge, I am not able to scientifically examine and popularise it. In other words, therapy offered by God, significantly exceeds bioenergetics level and is above the level of human’s physical and psychological development. What is more, through baptism of the Holy Spirit, it reaches the level of Unity with God. It appears that this God’s gift, discovered earlier by David, is a holistic therapy leading to fullness of humanity in Jesus Christ. God is inviting us for the Spring of Church!

As a mystic I have to claim that any of David’s fault is an illusion. Nothing happens against God’s will and the problems described here before are only brought here to make things happen according to God’s unpredictable will in order to show divine beauty and mercy. We can only guess that the act of healing humankind must not rest with only one person who also acts against God. Not only are we to act together as one body of Christ, but also we are to be example of mystic life for others, for those who are still stuck in the illusion that sad religious life is everything that He can offer us. The one who is bread and wine.

Mariusz Kwiatkowski
Chorzów, 01/28/2016

publication in English: 02/29/2016 - Luke 4:24-30
Natalia, thanks for the translation.

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